Web 20- An Analysis

These days, websites are the first face of businesses and a major interface for most business transactions. Gone are the days when a business had to be located in the city center or high-traffic, commercial area in order to be successful. A well-designed website can make or break a business, more so for online sales businesses.

6Several design aspects of the website affect the appeal and usability of the website and result in higher or lower traffic. Making sure that a website is appealing and easy to navigate is of prime importance. A professional web development company is well aware of the latest technologies and impact of web designs, web development language, programming, and other aspects. Professional web developers can determine the impact of having or not having a big-size image in the first page or including a banner on the last page of the website. Read more about the Web 20

Professional web designers take easy navigation, search ability, legibility, and appeal into consideration while designing a website. If a website offers easy ways to search and store one’s information and easy ways to obtain information without making customers travel through mazes, such a website will likely be more popular. Also, several other factors, like screen resolution, translation of the content into different languages, web-safe fonts, image loading time, and upload and download speed need to be taken into consideration in designing a website. And, all these affect the traffic on the website and thus affect the business. Thus, professional web development plays a key role in business development.