Start Taking Supplements for Omega 7-An Overview

14Are you frustrated with substandard Omega 7 fatty acid supplements? Well, I certainly am. I really cannot stand the fishy aftertaste, the burping, bloating, and diarrhea I often experience when I take Omega 7 supplements that are poorly made. This is why I decided to research on how I can avoid these unpleasant effects of fish oil. Omega 7 fatty acid is important for the body. I know that it has a lot of health benefits and is needed too for normal growth and development which is why I am not letting poor quality Omega 7 supplements stop me from getting the healthy body I want. I looked it up and I found out that the effects I experienced when I took fish oil Omega 7 fatty acid is caused by low quality brands. If you want to get the best out of Omega 7 supplements while avoiding its side effects, here is what you should look for.


Pure fish oil Omega 7 is important because it ensures that it is safe to take. Many brands have been found to contain toxins like mercury and lead which are dangerous for the health. A brand that utilizes top purification methods and follows the highest standards will give you only the purest form of Omega 7 fish oil. One of the best purification methods is called molecular distillation. This does not only remove contaminants and impurities in the oil but it also concentrates the Omega 7 acids while leaving the natural form of the oil unaltered. Get the facts about  benefits of certain fatty acids


16Nothing beats fresh fish oil. Burping, bloating, fishy taste, and gastric upset are all caused by rancid oil so you can avoid these side effects altogether by choosing a brand that has a very low total oxidation level. Aside from these side effects, rancid fish oil also harms the health because it contains free radicals that lead to cell damage. You can also check for freshness by smelling the oil. Fresh oil only has a faint ocean smell.

Omega 7 Content

Omega 7 fatty acid content is very important. Fish oil supplements should contain both DHA and EPA Omega 7 but DHA should always be higher. Most supplements contain at least 18% DHA but some contain as much as 28% which is even better. Do not be discouraged when you have bought an Omega 7 supplement that is of poor quality. At least now you know what you should look for so you do not make the same mistake again.