Reasons You Need A Mobile Friendly Website

Many business owners think to themselves: ” I’ve got a nice website, why do I need to invest in a mobile friendly website?” You may even be thinking the very same thing and is why you found this article. To put it simply, not have a mobile friendly website may be causing you to lose customers and potential customers who abandon your website when they try to view it on a mobile device!

download (4)In this day and age, many people are using online using their smart phones — in fact, over 50% of all searches are now done from a mobile phone. When you consider local searches, that number increases to 92%. By 2014 mobile internet access will surpass fixed online access.If you’re looking for more tips, how to create a mobile friendly website has it for you.

So do you really want to just walk away from all of that potential business?

When your clients or prospective clients try to visit your web site from their smartphones, what impression do they leave with? Can they find the information they want? Is there an easy way for them to contact you?

The statistics around mobile usage and the propensity of users to abandon a non-mobile friendly website is startling — 57% of visitors will leave your website if it is not mobile friendly. 47% will not recommend a non-mobile friendly website to their friends.

These are the core problems caused by website that is not mobile friendly:

Standard web sites are not made to fit on a smart phone and do not provide a good user experience, even if they are ‘mobile responsive’
To properly view information on your website, you should have a mobile optimized version of your website
Without a mobile friendly website, information is skewed and some parts may be unavailable on the screen
Your website visitors will have to ‘pinch and squeeze’ to read and navigate your pages
And now if you consider all the benefits of having a mobile friendly website, it should be easy to understand why this approach is better. At a high level, these are the benefits of having a mobile optimized website:

Your website will be user friendly and your clients will appreciate being able easily use your website on their mobile device
Be selective on the information you want to include on the mobile friendly website, focus on the information that most clearly communicates your marketing strategy
Jump ahead of your competition and get prepared for the future as mobile is just in its infancy — mobile will become the dominant internet source
When you think ‘mobile’ you really are talking about ‘local’ — 92% of all local searches are from a mobile device
A side benefit of having a mobile friendly website is that Google is now penalizing websites that are not optimized for mobile