All About Pre Moving Considerations

HOUSEMoving into a new house is something that many people have to do several times. It is important to make this move as hassle-free as possible. Most people leave a number of things until the last moment of shifting, which isn’t a good idea at all. Here is a handy checklist of ten essential things that should be done before moving into a new home. Connecting your internet is one of the first essential things to do. You need to book the internet at least three weeks prior to your shifting. So, book the internet in advance for convenience in the new house. Disconnection of energy in the name of the previous tenant should be undertaken, followed by a reconnection in your name. You just have to contact your energy provider and give them all the personal details, in order to get the process done. Click here to find more about things to consider before moving.

Make sure that your young children and pets are taken good care by friends or relatives on the day of shifting. It is important to update your friends and family with your new address. Notify your close persons of your new contact details through emails or text messages. Notify government bodies, businesses, and post offices immediately, of the address of your new house. Update your car registration provider, magazine subscription and the bank with your new contact details.

movingPacking a unpacking box is one of the important things to do while shifting. Glue, dust cloths, tape, scissors, screwdrivers, keys etc. should be contained in this box. These small things will help to set up your new home. Contact the insurance provider to cover you during the period of shifting. You need to start a new insurance policy a day before you move to the new house, as the present insurance policy should be ceased after the day you leave the previous house. Make sure that your new house is cleaned by the professional cleaners who are specialized in final house cleaning. Carpets, kitchen, and bathrooms should be cleaned thoroughly.

Make a set of keys to the new house for each member of your family and also keep the duplicate set with your friends, neighbours and relatives for extra safety. Packing the first night box is as essential as the unpacking box. Tea bags, coffee plunger, pyjamas, towels, toilet paper, bed linen, toothbrush and basic toiletries should be contained in the first night box. Thus, the above-mentioned ways are some of the essential tips that would definitely help you to have a safe, comfortable and easy shifting process.