Picking paint for a brick home exterior – Things to consider

brick-homes-with-stone-accents-jade-accent-new-home-plan-falls-green-meadows-natural-680x368A brick house is favored by many people because of its durability. They are long lasting and energy efficient. A brick house when built facing the right direction can absorb the heat during the day and release it at night into the home. This is a great feature when living in colder regions.

These type of houses are very low maintenance. They have long been the standard of quality and are naturally fireproof. The cost is usually higher than a stick built home, so many times you will see homes that are half brick and half aluminum siding. In some cases the brick is just used as accents and the home is not actually constructed from brick. Read more on how to paint a brick house.

How They Are Built
A brick house is built using clay bricks and mortar. The mortar or cement is used to stick the bricks together. It is a very strong house that results from being built in this fashion. Usually there is nothing that has to be done to the bricks once the house is built as far as maintenance is concerned there may be some pointing that has to be done over time, usually this is a simple activity that requires that mortar is used to fill in any areas that has crumbled over time. This usually is required for sometimes ten to twenty years after the home has been built.

The construction of these homes is relatively simplistic. The bricks are stacked one by one in layers using the mortar in between. So it is a brick some mortar than another brick so on and so forth until the home is built.

enjoy-brick-front-house-with-siding-what-color-goes-brown-black-shutters-exterior-ideas-door-cTypes of Bricks
Usually in a brick home the standard rectangular brick will be used. There are several different colors to choose from. There is the standard red brick that everyone is familiar with than of course the next favored color is the cream colored brick. There are bricks that are in a range of earth tones that can also be used.

Bricks are one of the most expensive materials to build a home with, but the value that the bricks bring to a home is easily realized over a short period of time. The price of the bricks that are used to build with will vary from region to region. There are construction tools online that you can use to estimate the cost of building a brick house to get a better idea of what using this type of material will cost.