Leather Gun Belt-Fundametals Explained

alw-belts-14Cowboys are not gone. They are still among us and they are known for their classic and unique style. Being a cowboy is not just a matter of pride but also a matter of fashion. An important part of being a cowboy is shooting competition. The cowboys’ modern image is not just being rough and tough but also being stylish. In such a shooting competition, one thing that makes a cowboy stand out is his unique and remarkable fashion statement. The old hip shooting technique in shooting competitions make it necessary for every cowboy to own a range of handcrafted western accessories, one of which is the western gun holster. Click here to enable the notifications.

Not many people are still living the basic cowboy life today. Needless to say, hip shooting is also too impractical today. However, the hip shooting accessories are ideal for some fun activities such as homemade movies and shooting competitions. The western gun holster, as one of these accessories, has been associated with the cowboy since 18th century. Cowboys are known for their uniqueness and this accessory’s name is a part of it. When choosing the best gun holster, leather as one of the best materials are considered as one of the favorites. Leather ones are fairly firm but still flexible.

Whatever is the purpose for owning a western gun holster; there are some things that must be considered especially with how it works with the gun. The leather holster should fit the gun tightly. At times, the holster seems too tight. In such cases, the natural leather will stretch. A gun holster made of natural fiber is also very nice because you can help it stretch along. To allow the handgun to seat in the holster, first, hold the unloaded gun by the grip. Then, push it into the holster while holding the safety strap with the other hand. Do this several times to break in the holster.

belt_WBH_004_cleanHaving a western gun holster can add to your western fashion style, too. It is not a bad idea matching it with boots and leather jackets even though you do not have a gun. It is okay, too, to put it on as a fashion accessory even if you never intend to join a shooting competition. There are many leather gun holsters out there that are made to your order and come in a variety of styles. You can choose from plain to elaborate that will fit a variety of guns or even toy guns. Having it made to order is actually great as you can choose your specifications such as leather color, left or right hand shooter preference, barrel length, gun type, and caliber.

Though some cowboy customs are already impractical, the cowboy fashion is by no means outdated. It will always be a classic fashion style. Some cowboy accessories are still great both for real modern cowboys or just fashionable non-cowboy ones. The western gun holster is still a necessary cowboy accessory. It is for modern cowboys who are fond of shooting competitions and for everyone who loves to the western look.