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Organic Chocolate Chips -An Analysis

Chocolate-Chip-Cookies-with-Bacon-Beer-and-CayenneChocolate chip cookies are delicious, but what if you could customize them to be your ideal flavor choice? You can kick the cookies up a notch with substitutions. You can swap out chocolate chips or mix them together. Here are some options.

Peanut Butter Chips

Chocolate and peanut butter are great companions. Swapping out chocolate chips for peanut butter chips is good, but you’ll have to make sure there is still chocolate in them one way or another. One way is to do half chocolate and half peanut butter chips. Another way is to make a regular cookie dough and use peanut butter chips. Usually the bag has a recipe for this on the bag. Our website provides info about Organic Chocolate Chips | Coconut Palm Sugar Sweetened.

Raspberry Chips

Another great cocoa accompaniment. I like to do half raspberry chips and half chocolate chips with a chocolate cookie dough. It’s mostly chocolaty, but the raspberry flavoring doesn’t have to be overpowering anyway.

Chocolate Chunks

Chips aren’t the only way to go. You can either buy a bar and chop or break it up, or you can buy a bag of chocolate chunks made specifically for baking. Trade them in for anything that requires chocolate chips. They won’t taste any different, but they’ll taste good.

Mini Chips

If you absolutely love chocolate, you’d probably prefer to have it in every bite. Using mini chips instead of the regular sized morsels will help increase the chances that you’ll have a burst of chocolate in every bite. You can find them right along with the rest of the baking goods.

White Chocolate

Most will argue that white chocolate isn’t really chocolate. Either way, you probably either love it or hate it. Again, this goes best with chocolate dough. However, if you have a bag of macadamia nuts, chop them up and make macadamia nut cookies.

pumpkin-chocolate-chip-cookiesButterscotch Chips

Butterscotch can go either way. It can be mixed with regular chips or with a chocolate dough. I prefer chocolate chip cookies with a half cup of regular chips swapped out for a cup of butterscotch chips.


This is my favorite. They aren’t quite the same texture as other chips. Basically, they are just smaller pieces of regular caramel. I like to add 1/2 to 1 cup of caramel bits to a batch of chocolate chip cookies. They got gooey, soft and super tasty. Mixed in with the chocolate, it’s the perfect treat. You can also mix them in a batch of chocolate brownies.

Mix it Up

Feel free to combine any of the above ideas together. Caramel might go great with raspberries, who knows? Being creative and experimenting is not only fun, it’s a great way to find new combinations no one would ever have thought of that might be amazing.

Vegan Chocolate Highlights

Many of us are searching high and low in order to get antioxidants. Now, you do not need to go far because studies have revealed that natural cocoa powder is rich in anti-oxidants. As we all know, our body needs to have enough of this to be able to remain strong and healthy. In this article, we will give you the chance to know its benefits, including its effects on your skin and body.Come watch and join us at vegan chocolate.13

Natural cocoa powder is rich in anti-oxidants. This is good news especially to those who love to eat chocolates every now and then. Not many people know that this fact has been in existence for over 10 years already. Dark chocolates are famous and well loved by many of us not only because of their unique taste, but also because of their flavanol benefits. In fact, scientists of The Hershey Company and Brunswick Laboratories in Norton, MA conducted a study and published it in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. It confirms the significant levels of this substance in certain powders and dark chocolates.

This study involved analysis of Hershey’s Dark Chocolates and 19 other powders. The results show that natural cocoa powder is the richest in antioxidants among all the other products tested. In fact, it contains 34.6 mg or 3.5% of flavanols for each gram of cocoa. Therefore, they have confirmed that this food is among those that have the highest levels of antioxidants.

Below are some of the highlights of the study:
1. The latest findings revealed that dutched powders, specifically the light and medium dutched, have considerable amounts of cocoa flavanol substance. Contrary to popular belief, they do not lose this substance even after they went through the dutch processing. Therefore, this is still in the top 10% of foods containing flavanol.

2. You can also get this powerful substance in chocolate milk and hot cocoa mixes, in cookies and cakes, and in selected confections.