About Bed bugs

Bed Bugs are small creatures but can cause pain to an individual or family. Bed bugs are major problem once they infest an area if you are not sure of how to deal with them. However, if you know what they are and can identify them, know where they hide, their characteristics and lifestyle there is no cause for alarm, you can get rid of them.

Today there are improved methods of containing them. The purpose of this article is to help you gain enough knowledge to reduce the risk of bed bugs being your source of stress.

What are they?

299834Wikipedia describes them as small parasitic insects. Apart from the known name the scientific name is cimex lautalarius. The term refers to a common species that feeds on human blood. The tiny insect main food supply is human blood as the term refers to them. The bed bugs have no wings and can not fly. They are nocturnal and feed time is at night. Probably that’s the time to attack their helpless prey in this case if you sleep like a log the first few nights you will never realize you share a bed with them.

How do you know you have them?

Unless you are aware of how to spot the bugs you can easily mistake other bugs to be bed bugs. The best way to identify them is through:

1. The skin bites at night that are itchy, red and yet the insect is not visible
2. The sweet mucky smell on the bed or in the room
3. Blood stains on the pillow or the mattress
4. Crawling pests in the night that easily slips off when trying to catch them
5. Red brown stains on your sheets

The above is a guide to help take the necessary measures because they are clear pointers that these reddish insects have taken refuge in your residence without your permission.

Where do they hide?
It is not an overstatement to describe the pests as intelligent when you think of the areas they occupy in your house. Normally they hide in very dark corners of beds in the hotel rooms, your home, and school or college dormitories. While the places may be varied some particular places are common. These are mainly:

• Along the mattress seams
• Under the couch when no one is sitting on the couch
• Dark crevices
• Cracked walls
• On the wooden furniture found along the corners

Characteristics and lifestyle
The bed bugs are brown but reddish in color once they feed on the human blood, flattened, oval and are wingless. Their feeding time is at night and they are most active towards dawn when one is deep asleep. They can live up to 18 months and 12 months without feeding. No wonder it is hard to get rid of them by just covering the infested area. The misconception that bed bugs are attracted by dirt is not true it is the carbon dioxide exhaled by human beings that attracts them. The female ones lay about 5 eggs in a day. The population multiplies very fast if they are many and that is why they become almost unmanageable.